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Ichneumon wasp

I found this Ichneumon wasp in my live stick insectarium. Apparently, I brought back some infected larva with the thorn leaves, from which this creature hatched...

Camera manufacturer and model Lens manufacturer and model Focal length Aperture Exposure ISO sensitivity Exposure correction
Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL Canon EF 100 mm f/2.8 L Macro IS USM 100 mm f/11 3.2 sec. 200 0.00 eV
  • Ichneumon wasp | Fotografijos autorius : Gintautas Steiblys | © Macronature.eu | Macro photography web site
Kaunas (Dainava)
54° 54' 48.222" N, 23° 58' 7.212" E
Kaunas LT
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