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Longhorn beetle - Xylotrechus stebbingi ♂

The species  has been described from Himalaya. At the end of the last century, it apparently came to Europe with wood and spread widely in the Mediterranean region. It was also found in western and central Europe. Can be confused with another similar species, X. smei, native to South and Central Asia.

Camera manufacturer and model Lens manufacturer and model Focal length Aperture Exposure ISO sensitivity
Canon EOS R Sigma 70mm f/2.8 DG Macro Art 70 mm f/10 0.4 200
  • Longhorn beetle - Xylotrechus stebbingi ♂ | Fotografijos autorius : Žilvinas Pūtys | © Macrogamta.lt | Šis tinklapis priklauso bendruomenei kuri domisi makro fotografija ir fotografuoja gyvąjį makro pasaulį.
Alacami, Serik
37° 1' 19.4808" N, 31° 3' 35.928" E
Antalya TR
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